At the EnPlay Foundation, we strive to empower participants by assisting them in the development of self-confidence in life and while in play. This is accomplished in a number of ways.

First, all participants are required to engage in service projects. As they provide service to others, they acquire a deeper appreciation for those being served and for themselves.

Second, a strong emphasis is placed on teamwork and trust. Team building opportunities are provided with the intent of the participants building stronger relationships. It is our belief that once players develop bonds outside of the playing arena, they begin to trust each other when engaged in play. Finally, fundamental and developmental skills are taught to all participants by caring and experienced coaches. Players are evaluated and placed in settings that promote optimal opportunities for success.

EnPlay coaches are committed to providing a venue in which athletes at various skill levels can play. That being said, it is recognized that some athletes are interested in playing at more competitive levels. The EnPlay Foundation strives to provide these athletes with opportunities to excel at these levels. Such opportunities can include, but are not limited to camps, mentorship's, one-on-one training, and exposure tournaments.

At the EnPlay Foundation, we believe that through play, we can and will prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s world. Our participants are truly playing with a purpose!

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         United States of America
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  •   615-601-2979


The EnPlay Foundation was established to bring children together with the purpose of empowering and nurturing them through play. Our mission is to use athletics as a motivation to prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s world by equipping its participants with the necessary tools needed to be successful in life, as well as, responsible, productive, and contributing leaders of their communities.

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