Board Members

Chris Burch
Diamond Eye Music and Sweet Swag Merchandising

John Elliot
A-1 Merchandising

Dr. Emily Kurtz
Vanderbilt Hospital

Munyette Moore
Gap, Inc.

Stacey Lanier
Licensed Counselor

Dr. Stephaine Walker
Vanderbilt Hospital

Donald Wynn
CEO and founder of the Enplay Foundation

  •   Nashville, TN
         United States of America
  •   615-601-2979
  •   615-601-2979


The EnPlay Foundation was established to bring children together with the purpose of empowering and nurturing them through play. Our mission is to use athletics as a motivation to prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s world by equipping its participants with the necessary tools needed to be successful in life, as well as, responsible, productive, and contributing leaders of their communities.

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