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Our Story

In November, 2008, in Nashville, Tennessee, a second grade basketball team was formed that consisted of both urban and suburban youth from the same local, elementary school. At the onset of the 2009 school year, the urban youth had been rezoned and no longer attended the same school as the suburban youth, hence, making it difficult for the students to play on the same sports’ teams. Students and families from both schools were disappointed that the urban and suburban students’ mutually beneficial relationships had been affected by the change.

Therefore, Donald Wynn, a former collegiate athlete and K.K. Wynn, an educator, founded EnPlay. EnPlay was established to bring youth and their parents together on common ground with the purpose of preparing today’s youth for tomorrow’s world.

The EnPlay Foundation was established to bring children together with the purpose of empowering and nurturing them through play. We seek to assist children in the development of 1) self-responsibility, 2) community responsibility, and 3) global responsibility.

Ultimately, it is our hope that children and adults will understand that we all must coexist and live mutually in this world. Our foundation gives children from diverse backgrounds, opportunities to come together on common playing ground. It also encourages their parents/caregivers to cross barriers to interact in support of and appreciation for all parties involved.

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